Terminal has a capacity of 271.000 m³ the tank capacities ranging between 335 m³ to 9.300 m³ .

All tanks are made of carbon steel or stainless steel material. According to the properties of stored chemicals, tanks can be coated or modified for heating, cooling or insulation. All kind of bulk liquid chemicals and petroleum products can be stored in the tanks.

Terminal is a bonded area and is appropriate for import and transit business. Poliport is an independent storage terminal and has no involvement with the trading of chemicals.

Vessel Loading and Discharge Procedures

The length of the terminal jetty is 250 meters, it is 12 meter wide, and has a draft ranging between 10.50 to 13.50 meters and suitable for accomodation of vessels up to 40.000 dwt. At the jetty 4 vessels can be accomodated and loaded/discharged at the same time. Transfer operations are carried out with 35 transfer pipelines running from the tank farm to the four jetty manifolds. There are product vapor return lines and scrubber systems for product specific transfer operations.

Tanker Truck Loading

Tanker truck loading operations are performed at loading platforms equipped with sprinklers and electronic grounding systems as well as Mass Flow Metering Systems. All tanker trucks are controlled prior to loading in checkpoints. Truck loadings can be done in a closed circuit (with vapor return line) when necessary and can be monitored with computer system.

Barge Loading

Beside bulk chemicals, Poliport also provides fast and reliable barge loading services for bunker supply to transit vessels. Electronic flow meters and computer controlled level control systems are used for precise loading.

Waste Reception and Waste Management

Hazardous chemical wastes which are discharged from vessels and collected during terminal operations are packaged, labeled and stored in an appropriate area at the waste reception facilities. All waste is sent to waste disposal/re-cycling plants by licensed vehicles. Two distillation units are utilized for recycling of hazardous wastes to reduce waste formation at the source. Poliport has Vessel Waste Reception License and authorized to receive below types of wastes.

  • MARPOL 73/78 Annex I (bilge water, waste motor oil, sludge)
  • MARPOL 73/78 Annex II (noxious liquid substances carried in bulk)
  • MARPOL 73/78 Annex IV and MARPOL 73/78 Annex V .


Our customers can monitor their inventory quantities and movements through Poliport web site supported with SAP. Each tank has its dedicated ex - proof transfer pumps and dedicated loading and discharging pipelines. Temperatures, levels, densities and vapor pressures in the tanks are monitored through SAAB Radar System from the control room. Storage tank constructions are in compliance with API standards. Each tank is equipped with NFPA compliant, fire protection systems (sprinkler and and foam lines). The number of fire water pumps and the fire water flow capacities are designed according to the worst case scenario.


Poliport provides automatic in-line blending services for bunker supply to barges.


Poliport has a fully equipped laboratory for testing the specifications of the products handled at the Terminal. Related analyses are carried out in compliance with the relevant specifications.

Purity Specific Gravity Density Viscosity
Boiling Point Distillation Range Color Odor
Inhibitor Suspended Solid Acid Wash Color Copper Corrosion Testing
Sulfur Compounds Flash Point Equivalent Weight SWater Solubility
Dilution Testing Acidity Acid Value Alkalinity
Iron Permanganate Time Chloride UV Permeability
Polymerization Testing Sulfuric Acid Testing pH Ash
Evaporation Residue Refractive Index Substance Non Soluble in Acetone % Phenol Determination
Crystallization Point AAlcohol Strength Solid Matter Styrene (Aldehyde)
Styrene (Peroxide) Isocyanate Quantity MDI and TDI Acidity Formic Acid % Determination